Our mission is to develop the skills and character of individuals of every age and ethnicity

through dance & music education & performance

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Dance Family Day will include a look at the year ahead, an Arts District scavenger hunt, bun demonstrations, performances from our companies, FAQ's and a raffle! 12:30-3:00

Noon Dance Showing is hosted by the Citadel Dance Company and CDCII. Members show choreography and perform works in progress. This is an informal showing that classes also participate in. It is a FREE event and is family friendly.

Dance, Music & Dessert is hosted by the Citadel Dance Company and CDCII. This in house concert takes place during Holly Hop in the Benton Harbor Arts District. Performance includes a peek at "A Steamed Nutcracker", works set by Guest Artists and LIVE music! $8 Tickets

"A Steamed Nutcracker" In June of 2015, the Citadel Dance Department presented an all new ballet written and produced by Director of Dance, Lari Lawrence-Gist, entitled “Steamed”. We introduced the audience to the main character, Sansa, who traveled thru time to try to prevent the destruction of the Earth at the hands of corrupt scientists who cared more for their inventions than that of the health and safety of the environment. In this Steampunk version of the classic “Nutcracker”, our heroine continues her journey. Sansa returns home to celebrate the holidays with her friends and family “a long time ago”. The Seer has forseen a great betrayal and comes to warn Sansa, but Sansa banishes her before she can show her the prophesy. The pirates ascend upon her home in the sky (a zeppelin) and a battle ensues. Sansa battles her enemies bravely, but during the action she is knocked unconscious. Her dreams are a Steampunk fantasy where all the characters of “Steamed” appear in extraordinary scenes. When she wakes, she must face the Seer and apologize for not listening before the Seer and her timekeepers send her and her loved ones reeling thru time once more. 

“A Steamed Nutcracker” is open to dancers of ALL ages and abilities. Dancers 5-7 may sign up at Registration. There is a $75 fee for this performance to cover costuming and production costs.